Friday, 7. 3. 2014, at 22:00
15th International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Zdrada Pałki is famous for her live gigs, which merge a lively 1990s electro and eurotechno sound with elements of performance: dressing up and playing with sexual roles. Until recently, Zdrada Pałki presented themselves as a duo of Martyna/ Waldek and Martyna/ Anrdzej from Wrocław, but ever since Martyna Hormańska moved to Berlin, she performs as a solo act. She performs in glittering, intentionally kitchy costumes, which correspond to Zdrada Pałki’s light dance rhythm. What distances Zdrada Pałki from entertainment are her original compositions and ironic lyrics, fulled by feminist and autonomist criticism of sexism, consumerism and subjecting to social norms. Oh her first full-length album Kawałki (2013), we can hear the bittersweet songs on food self-sufficiency, women’s right to control their own bodies, fighting mainstream notions of beauty, nonnormative sexuality, lesbian love and feminist-queer contraculture

Ivana Rašić, a.k.a. Sajsi MC was born in 1981 in Belgrade. She made her first serious musical steps with a band named after her pseudonym, SAJSI. The band produced three music videos (»7,9,11«, »Autizam«, »Stefan«) and an album entitled Misi, Nachi, Nash. They stopped performing in 2010. In that same year Sajsi released her solo album Daleko je dizni and a music video for a single BMX. In 2011 she started collaborating with the DJ and producer Damjan Eltech. Their first joint project was a single named Roze tašnica, followed by Mama and Lajkiram. In 2012 they released the album Od dvanaest do šest together with the video spot for the song Ono kao vau. After the release, they went out for a concert tour across Serbia. Sajsi MC has also collaborated with DJ BKO on the record KNVK (ko nije voleo klesh) and on the music video for the song Antifa kučke. Together, they undertook a concert tour across the state and wider region. Recently, they released a music video for the song Ti si moj.

Sajsi MC is a hip-hop artist from the concrete streets of Belgrade. In her own words, she is “an honest woman and a poor bitch.” She belongs to the generation of transition kids, the Y generation, who spent their teenage years witnessing the war, which, in her attitude to the society, certainly separates her from her Western counterparts. Her work is provocative and relevant content-wise, since, as she claims, the strongest hip-hop always originates in the margins.

Her sharp language and honest expression, by means of which she depicts the social reality in a humorous and cynical way, were first introduced to the public with her single Mama. She is being described as a genuine mix of subversion and fashion icon, rapping about daily social phenomena and its characters in the street-wise slang. Her subtle image of a “sexy gold digger” and her perception of coffee-shop singers as her colleagues who earn their “bloody” money by spending nights in heavy make-up and high heels, is provokingly addressing Serbian sexist intellectualism. In her lyrics, Sajsi is suggesting that “angels should become sluts”, and is constantly reexamining the male gaze as well as masculinity and femininity as such. In this way, and as a female performer in an almost exclusively male-dominated Serbian hip-hop scene, Sajsi is breaking a new ground in the hip-hop scene and mainstream public. “She doesn’t give a high heel for not giving a high heel,” while the verses of her songs are becoming graffiti on the walls of Belgrade, showing how she is an inspiration for the new generation of teenagers.

We cannot go without mentioning the irreplaceable SHVECA, Tijana Rašić, who has been working with Sajsi MC from the very beginnings. She is far from being a backing vocalist; rather she is an equal part of Sajsi’s rap. Her reserved ethereal personality makes for a nice sisterly contrast, which is fused into a genuinely authentic dynamic duo. After her performance at the City of Women festival a few years ago, Sajsi MC is returning to Ljubljana and will be proudly hosted by the Red Dawns.

Admission: 7 €.

DJ programme
Yayoilouise (SLO): From minimal to electro, from hits to punk.
Elminjaninja (SLO) spins good tracks with groovy bass lines.

Vstopnina: 2 €.

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